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Tips For Stretching

Flexibility is the ability to extend or stretch without breaking. Improving your flexibility is important for preventing injury. It can also improve performance. Loss of flexibility can lead to permanent changes in posture and normal muscle function. There are countless benefits for all aspects of life in maintaining and improving…
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Skinny on Dietary Fat

Believe it or not, you shouldn’t try to eliminate all fat from your diet. Some fats actually promote good health. Fat is a major source of energy and it helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals. Fat is needed for blood clotting, cell development and nerve function.  But there are…
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Don’t Be a Slouch!

“Sit up straight!” Most of us probably had parents and teachers direct that timeless bit of advice to us as children. Well, it turns out that they were on to something! Good posture and how you hold your body is very important for many reasons. Poor posture leads to back…
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Boost Your Brain Power

Can’t find your keys?  Having trouble remembering the name of the restaurant you were at at last month?  Perhaps you need to improve your brain power.  Better memory, sharper thinking and enhanced creativity are just a few of the benefits of boosting your brain power. Try these tips to train…
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Meniere’s disease and Chiropractic: Study Shows Positive Results

Do you know someone with Meniere’s disease?  A recent study of 300 patients showed that getting Upper Neck Chiropractic adjustments, especially if there was a history of some neck trauma, provides very positive improvements for patients with Meniere’s disease. The study tracked patients for 6 years and researchers saw good long-term results.…
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Randomized study shows: Prayer Decreases Migraine Intensity

Many of you will find it interesting that a recent randomized study was done to see if prayer helped decrease migraine intensity. Here’s their findings: “The present study revealed that prayer can be used as a nonpharmacologic pain coping strategy in addition to pharmacologic intervention for this group of patients.…
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Fibromyalgia? Rheumotology International Study shows: CHIROPRACTIC HELPS!

A recently published study in the medical journal Rheumotology International showed patients who had fibromyalgia and recieved chiropractic care did better than patients with fibromyalgia and did not receive chiropractic care.  This was a randomized controlled trial meaning that the findings can be considered very accurate as testing was held…
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