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Bedrest with Low Back Pain?
Chiropractic better than medicine for Low Back Pain
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SI Joint Pain: Chiropractic Beats out the Competition for Relief
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 Bed Rest With Low Back Pain?  Research Says...

Your Low back is killing you, and you're scared to be active.  Should you go to bed or spend your day sitting?  Research says- no, no , no.   Staying Active (within reason) can actually help reduce the pain and shorten recovery time in most cases of noncomplicated back pain. This study found: 1) bed rest is contraindicated in subacute and chronic cases of low back pain; in acute cases, bed rest should neither be enforced nor prescribed; and if authorized (based on pain indication), bed rest should be for the shortest duration possible.  Prolonged sitting, standing, or laying all seem to slow recovery, while patients who stayed mobile saw a quicker turn-around.

Abenhaim L, Rossignol M, Valat JP, et al. The role of activity in the therapeutic management of back pain: Report of the International Paris Task Force on Back Pain. Spine, Feb. 15, 2000 (supplement): Vol. 25, No. 4S, pp1-25.


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