Chiropractic care is safe and effective for children as young as newborns!

Have you seen your child fall?  How many times?

Do they play sports?

Imagine the spine.  Do you think these events can happen over and over without affecting the spine?

What if you never brushed your teeth?  It wouldn't make sense to wait until your 50 years old to start brushing your teeth and seeing a dentist would it?  Why do kids love chiropracticwe do that with the spine?  Should we start sooner?

Dr. Wright believes that children, even newborns, need chiropractic care to help enable their bodies to grow and develop at their maximum capacity. From the trauma of birth to the demands of high school sports, children's bodies are subjected to many pressures that can cause their spines to be mis-aligned.

Dr. Wright has experience and training in pediatric Chiropractic methods.  Chiropractic methods used on infants and children differ from those used Chiropractic is safe for childrenon adults, and are a safe and gentle way to provide the best of health to those you hold most dear.  Anecdotal reports abound of children receiving relief of colic, earaches, slow development, balance impairment, and asthma among many other conditions.

At Wright Chiropractic, we have seen success in our patients with all of the conditions listed above, but most parents bring their children in for overall good health (just like the dentist!)   So, try a conservative, drug-free approach to your child's health concerns!


 Want to see how a baby gets adjusted?  Here's one way Dr. Wright does it!

  Click to see a video that's sure to make you smile!baby video thumbnail

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