On your first visit to Wright Chiropractic Health Center,PA in Weatherford, expect to be greeted by our friendly staff when you come in the door. The staff will take you on a tour of the office so you can immediately feel right at home.  We're proud to serve Weatherford and Parker County, and hope to make your chiropractic experience a pleasure!

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My First Visit

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Learn what you can expect on your first visit with us. Your comfort is an important part of your care.


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See what Wright Chiropractic is up to.
See what Wright Chiropractic is up to: News, promotions, what's new in chiropractic care, and more.


Why Choose Wright?

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Why should you choose Wright Chiropractic? We take a comprehensive approach to your care.


Symptom Search

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Have a quick look to see what conditions are associated with the symptom(s) you are having. 


Unsure about Chiropractors?

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There are myths that may make it scary to see a chiropractor for the first time. We address your concerns.


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Fostering wellness throughout your life.
Comprehensive Chiropractic. Caring for families throughout life: pregnancy, child, adolescent and adult.