Every day in the United States, 105 people die as a result of drug overdose, and another 6,748 are treated in emergency departments (ED) for the misuse or abuse of drugs,” according to the CDC.  Here’s the kicker- most of that number is painkillers.

Of further note, a recent CNN article tossed this tidbit out: “A recent Johns Hopkins study showed that between 2000-2010, opioid prescriptions given after pain-related doctor visits nearly doubled – from 11% to 20% – while identification and treatment of pain stayed the same.”

Chiropractic is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and NATURAL.  Tell your friends and family that there is no “magic pill” that takes care of musculoskeletal pain.  Rather, it’s important to treat the cause through chiropractic so the body can heal itself…thus alleviating the need for painkillers.