Dr Wright Treats a lot of Bunions.  Here’s How To Avoid them!


  1. Wear comfortable shoes.
    This may seem obvious, but if the shoes are causing pain at the site of your bunion, then they’re not good shoes to be wearing.
  2. Think wide toebox.
    Wider shoes may not be as fashionable as the newest Polo or DKNY shoes, but comfort really should matter more.
  3. Avoid high heels.
    Heels cause orthopedic surgeons to shudder, and for good reason–they’re bad for your feet. If you have to wear them, do so in moderation.
  4. Make sure the shoe fits.
    The toebox is just one area–the rest of the shoe, including heel and arch, should also fit well. Try some tips on how to buy the right shoes.
  5. Pad the bunion!
    When the bunions become painful and irritated, they become more prominent. If it’s bothering you, place some moleskin or cushion around the bunion.


  1. Get your Foot Adjusted!!!  Just like your spine, your foot can misalign, especially if you do wear a lot of improper shoes.  Ask Dr Wright to evaluate your foot if you think there may be an issue.  Early detection saves time!
  2. Orthotics can help.
    Often people have foot mechanics which cause abnormal pressure over the area of a bunion. Sometimes, these mechanics can be corrected with orthotics.
  3. Take a shoe break.
    In the office or around the house–slip off your shoes to relax your feet. Your feet will appreciate this break, despite objections from your co-workers.
  4. Buy at the end of the day.
    Your feet will be bigger at the end of the day than in morning.