A new study indicates that colic may be linked with childhood migraine headaches.  When researching migraine sufferers' medical records, a shocking 73% of them had colic as infants.  Compared to the control group of 471 kids without migraine among who only 27% had colic as babies, the percentage of the migraine group becomes statistically significant.

Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, this link between migraine and colic may be a reasonable explaination why digestive treatments typically don’t cure colic (but chiropractic care- which can be very effective at helping with headaches- sometimes works with colic too.)

Traditional migraine headaches are rare in younger children, but 10% of adolescents suffer from them. There is evidence to support an inheritance factor for migraines as well as irritation in nerve cells of the brain interacting with brain blood vessels. The authors of the study suggest that colic is a result of similar changes in nerves and blood vessels in the digestive tract.

Add to this information the fact that research has found mothers suffering from migraines are twice as likely to have colicky babies, and the picture starts evolving to a different approach (including chiropractic!) to treating colic.

Other supporting information to consider chiropractic in a colicky baby: A previous study has found that chiropractic decreased crying time for babies with colic and another study indicated chiropractic to be an alternative to treating infant headache.


Romanello S, et al. Association between childhood migraine and history of infantile colic. The Journal of the American Medical Association 2013; 309(15): 1607-1612. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.747.