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For many, the first visit is the biggest hurdle. For some, it’s just being unsure about what to expect at a chiropractic office or whether chiropractic can help them. For others, it’s just finding the time to address their condition. Regardless of your concerns, this section of our webpage is here to make you feel more at home in our office, and help you make that first step towards better health!

What can I expect on the first visit?

           "(It's) like going to see a friend." -patient Gayle B.


On the first visit, expect to be greeted by our friendly staff when you come in the door! If you have not filled out the paperwork that you can download from our website already, arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

Once you have finished your paperwork, the staff will take you on a tour of the office so you can immediately feel right at home.
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After your tour, You will meet with Dr. Wright to discuss your current complaint as well as your overall health so that your issue can be addressed in a thorough manner. This is the time for you to help the doctor understand what is going on.

After you have had time to discuss your complaint with Doctor Wright, you will then move to an exam room and receive a complete exam. What does this mean? The doctor will perform some tests you’re already familiar with such as blood pressure, listening to your carotids, and reflexes. She will also do any orthopedic or neurologic tests that apply to your complaints. For some exams, shorts may be needed, which we can provide for you if needed. Come dressed in comfortable, loose clothing for ease of movement during the tests.



Start of Care
Based on the exam and history, the doctor will decide where to go from there. If you are in significant pain, rest assured we will do our best to do something to help ease your discomfort, but it may not be an adjustment! Sometimes, it is better to not adjust on the first visit until further information has been gathered through requesting records from other healthcare providers, taking xrays, or doing lab tests.

There’s many other things we can do to start the healing process: using physiotherapy in the office to decrease pain and spasms, dispensing you with supplements acting as anti-inflammatories or natural muscle relaxors, or giving you a medical brace to support you.

Second Visit


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Our goals in the second visit are to answer the following questions you’ll have:

  • Can you help me?
  • What will treatment involve/How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?

Once the doctor has the information needed to make an informed plan, she will write a personalized report for you and on the second visit will go over it with you. It will detail:

  • The Treatment Plan
  • What is Happening with your Condition/ Why you have your symptoms
  • Your Prognosis
  • Alternative Options

You will also at this time have the opportunity to go over your x-rays with the doctor if those were ordered.

Once you finish talking with the doctor, a staff member will come in and present a financial report giving you an estimate on what you will be responsible for and what, if applicable, the insurance company will cover. She can also at this time discuss your options and payment arrangements if necessary.

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My First Visit

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Learn what you can expect on your first visit with us. Your comfort is an important part of your care.


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