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Patient Privacy Rights - Patient Information

Patient information will remain completely confidential and will never be sold. Patient information obtained in permanent records will be used solely for the business of Wright Chiropractic Health Care. Any disposal of records will be done in such a manner that the information contained within will be illegible and unobtainable to other parties. This will include any or all of the following: shredding, incineration, and silver recovery. Use of Patient information for marketing will not occur without your written permission, excluding any face-to-face disclosures or community service promotions.

While every attempt to protect your information will be made, overheard communications in the office may be unavoidable. Calling your name in the waiting room and sending mail to your house are all considered routine and normal disclosures.

Non-routine disclosures of patient information will not be released without a written valid authorization by the patient. This includes release of any information to family, friends, attorneys, insurances that are not the patient’s health insurance company, and any other such release.

You have the following rights with your Protected Health Information (PHI):

  1. The right to have access to, review, and request changes of errors to your health records.

  2. The right to obtain a copy of these records at a reasonable cost incorporating the supplies and labor of copying and postage (if applicable).

  3. The right to protest procedures you feel are not protecting your PHI and submit a complaint to Dr. Wright, the privacy director.

  4. In the case of an independent minor, the health care provider will use her discretion to approve or deny access of the minor’s records to a parent.

  5. For non-routine use or information disclosure, the patient will have to grant written permission. Routine releases of information that would not require express patient permission includes all activities to carry out treatment, payment, or health care operations.

  6. The right to object to specific disclosure by Wright Chiropractic.

  7. The right to receive notice of how your PHI will be used by Wright Chiropractic Health Center.

  8. The right to receive information by an alternative means. This office will use your home address and phone number and occasionally your work number, all provided by you on your intake form, to issue reminders and correspondence. Should you desire not to be contacted using that information, you may provide an alternative way for the office to contact you. In the case of an emergency, your emergency contact will be used.

  9. The right to receive an accounting for all disclosures by this office.

  10. The right to file a formal complaint with the Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services concerning any breach of these rights.

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