Certified 5K & 1K Human/Canine Run & Dog Contests Benefitting Charity

Dr. Heather Wright at the Hot Dog Trot
 Hot Dog Trot Runners
 "Bug" a Hot Dog Trot participant
 A booth at the Hot Dog Trot

This annual event benefits a non-profit group.  Last year it benefitted Parker Paws a support group to foster and adopt dogs and cats.  This year, the benificiary is the Society for Organ Donation Awareness (SODA,) a group with a mission to promote and educate on the benefits of organ donation.

The schedule of events on race day includes something for everybody- not just runners.  In addition to the certified 5K race and the 1K fun run (both humans and dogs welcome), there will be vendors, entertainment, and several dog contests.  The dog costume contest is always popular!

"This is our big event of the year," states Dr. Heather Wright, DC, president of Wright Chiropractic Health Center.  "We start planning this event a month after the previous year's run.  It's a tremendous amount of work, but it is so exciting to see the amazing support of not only our local community, but also the running community.  Each year it has gotten a bit bigger, and last year we were able to donate significant funds to  Parker Paws."

For more information on the Hot Dog Trot visit:


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