The answer, unfortunately, is yes.  A study in the 2011 The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery  found that you have a quadrupled risk of lumbar disc disease if you have a close relative with the problem. Even if you’re parents don't have issues, even having a distant cousin can elevate your risk!

#Chiropractors can help mitigate your risk and give you tools to help control or slow the progression!  Talk to one today!

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Many people know, an increase in weight can lead to an increase in back pain.  Part of that is from shifiting in posture as well as actual pressure in the joints of the spine potentially leading to more osteoarthritis/degeneration.  According to a study done in 2008, an interesting thing occured: as the study's patients' BMI (body mass index) levels dropped, disc spaces between the vertebrae in the lumbar spine expanded. This in turn opened up the space nerves have, which decreased pressure on pinched nerves, and over time, could reduce pain.


 Djurasovic M, Bratcher KR, Glassman S, et a. The Effect of Obesity on Clinical Outcomes After Lumbar Fusion. Spine 2008; 33(16): 1789-1792


Interested in Seeing a Chiropractor during Pregnancy?  The numbers are in!  Not only is it safe, it is highly effective according to studies! 

CLICK HERE to read an article with some Links to research and statistics including a study that showed chiropractic was more effective than standard medical care for alleviating pregnancy-related back pain with no serious adverse effects of treatment!


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Sciatica patients have the highest level of disability when compared to all types of low back pain patients (1).  The average period of disability after a sciatica incident is approximately 72 days according to Norwegian public-health records.  According to one study though, patients who received chiropractic care for their sciatica where back to work full time  in 21 days in 91% of the patients!!! (2)


  1. Arana E, Marti-Bonmati L, Vega M, et al. Relationship between low back pain, disability, MR imaging findings and health care provider. Skeletal Radiology 2006;35(9):641-7.
  2. Orlin JR, Didriksen A. Results of chiropractic treatment of lumbopelvic fixation in 44 patients admitted to an orthopedic department. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2007;30:135-139.
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